Resident Film Critic: Mandy Moore


Mandy Mandy Moore is no stranger to romantic comedies. With about a dozen of them under her belt, the adorable pop star seems custom-built for the leading lady role — self-effacing, buckets of charisma and charm to spare. Having worked with the patron saints of the genre (like Hugh Grant in American Dreamz and Diana Keaton in Because I Said So), Moore’s a convert to the canon as well — "I?m the biggest fan of romantic comedies," she says. In her latest License to Wed, she plays Meg Ryan to John Krasinski’s Tom Hanks. She sat down with us to tell us a few of her favorites.

Notting Hill: "I?m just a huge Hugh Grant fan. He?s the quintessential romantic comedy leading man. I?d love to work with him again."

You’ve Got Mail: "I know that?s a random choice, and most people would say Sleepless in Seattle, but You?ve Got Mail is really sweet. I love Tom Hanks, and I love Meg Ryan. The two of them together and their chemistry — it?s just such a cute, modern idea of romance and emailing."

Annie Hall:
"It’s the best romantic comedy ever made. I saw it for the first time recently, like two years ago. It?s a miracle."

Something?s Gotta Give
: "I?m the biggest Diane [Keaton] fan. She?s incredible, in her quirky self-deprecating way, and she?s so beautiful, and that movie was hilarious and heart-warming. She?s the best. It doesn?t get any better."

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