Brit Ready To “Get Back” In the Game?


Britney Spears is reportedly getting close to her bodyguard/boyfriend, and the two were spotted frolicking with her sons Sean and Jayden in her Malibu compound pool over the weekend. But that’s not even the most exciting Britney news to surface today. Rumors are floating around the web that she may actually be attempting that anticipated comeback with the release of a new single, supposedly titled "Get Back." Some alleged lyrics to the song:

so you?re the one
who want us
to get back
(you say lets get back together)(lets get back forever)
now its u the one
who?s followin me around
like a homeless dog
and you pray
(let?s get back together,let?s get back for better)
get back
lets lets lets
get back(back,back,back?)

This could all be just one great big rumor, but if not, we sure hope "homeless dog" sounds better in song than it looks on paper. This is like one step up from Brit’s usual attempts at putting her feelings into words. But still – if there’s anyway we can get old Britney back, we’ll take it. Get that girl a snake and some sequins!

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