Where in the World is Foxy Brown?


Earlier this weekend it was reported that the rap diva had gone missing after boarding a flight to London on June 29th. Apparently her family and friends were freaking out that Foxy, real name Inga (WTF?), was long gone, lost amongst the Brits with only her entourage in tow. This occurred only days after she was apparently the target of a Brooklyn robbery and beatdown at the hands of some crazed lady friends that resulted in the destruction of her hair weave. You can mess with a girl’s Louis Vuitton purse, but please - not the hair!

But a PerezHilton reader spotted Foxy on Friday, July 7th, hosting the Urban Music Awards in NYC – and there are pics to prove it. Thank goodness she’s not lost somewhere in the Chunnel! But the question remains – did Foxy really head overseas or was it all just a stunt to attract attention to her floundering hip hop career? Maybe she was just going to get her weave fixed up in the UK – we hear Amy Winehouse is really good at styling hair.

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