Tuesday: Paris Caught Puffin’ Pot; Pete Wentz Secretly Boozing?


Lindsay Loves the Stripper Life
LiLo plays a stripper in her upcoming movie I Know Who Killed Me, and after working out on the pole for 3 hours a day, now claims to really respect the profession. Well, if that acting thing doesn’t work out… [Just Jared]

Beyonce: Hospital Visit with Fans
The caring diva visited two fans who were injured by pyrotechnics at her St. Louis concert Sunday night. When she says she loves her fans, she really means it. [People]

Paris: Caught in a Cloud of Smoke
She told Larry King that she’s never tried drugs, but it looks like that’s finally changed, after  a spy spotted the heiress puffing on a joint outside LA hot spot Teddy’s. [NY Post]

Who is Brit?s New Beefy Boy Toy?

The identity of Britney’s new hunky sidekick continues to mystify the gossip rags. Is he a bodyguard? A boyfriend? A bodyfriend? Whatever he is, he’s a big step up from K-Fed. [People]

Ashlee Spikes Sober Pete’s Drink
The Fallout Boy heartthrob claims to have quit drinking, so what was girlfriend Ashlee Simpson doing pouring champagne into his Perrier bottle last Saturday night? [Hollyscoop]

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