Tour Survival Guide: Brandi Carlile



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Brandi Carlile on putting makeup on boys, fishing and whiskey. Find out when Brandi’s playing a town near you, and buy tickets now.

Teach A Woman To Fish…
I can’t tour without a fishing pole. On days off, you can find a lake almost anywhere, and for anybody who hasn’t ever gone fishing, there really isn’t a better way to wind down whether you catch a fish or not. It’s just good to go spend a day by a lake.

Thread Counts and Highways
I also can’t live without bedding. Bus bedding is never good enough. That’s one of the only things I’m a snob about. I have to have comfortable sheets and blankets.

Hard (Juice) Drinking
Some nights it’s Odwalla Superfood, and some nights it’s Maker’s Mark. It really depends on what kind of day it is. But lately it’s been a lot of Maker’s Mark.

Powder Your Nose
Usually I put makeup on everybody. Just powder, so they don’t sweat and shine. The guys in the band ask for it. They come up to me before we go on stage and say, ?De-shine me! De-shine me!?

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