Michelle: Under Beyoncé’s Spell?



Once (and future?) Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has leaped to the defense of Beyonc? regarding the non-issue that has arisen from TMZ.com‘s quip about "Beyonc?’s roboho performance getup" that the diva wore during last month’s BET Awards (in a nutshell, Al Sharpton lashed out at the paparazzi-driven mega-blog, saying its use of the word "ho" was racist and misogynistic). TMZ then pointed out that their "ho" branding was not in reference to Beyonc?, but her outfit. But don’t tell Michelle that! Said the warbler to the New York Daily News:

"It’s downright mean. You can write me word for word. What has Beyonc? done to deserve being called a ‘ho’? No one should be called a ho!"

Way to go, Michelle, running to stick up for a poor, defenseless superstar. How much do you want to bet that this is Michelle’s way of angling for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Or, at the very least, for another cameo in a Beyonc? video? Michelle can do the Naomi Campbell walk and the scissor-leg, but her biggest talent is her ability to do the ass-kiss. [New York Daily News]

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