Kelis Hearts Hate Speech?



In what appears to be a regular column, Kelis gets her post-Imus discourse on in the latest issue of the newish, hip lass mag Missbehave. The piece titled "Kelis On…Name Calling," finds Mrs. Nas raging against political correctness. "If everyone just said what they thought, maybe we could move on, get past it all and really be free," Kelis writes in one of her more reasoned statements. One to practice what she preaches, Kelis indeed says what she thinks throughout the piece, taking an extreme stance to seemingly prove a point. "How about if a straight man calls another straight man ‘faggot?’" she wonders. "Is it more offensive if the man is gay?" That probably can only be answered on a case-to-case basis: does it hurt more as a gay man to be talked about behind your back or to your face?

Her most outrageous statement, however concerns our very own commander-in-chief.

Kelis writes:

"I wish Bush would come out and say it — ‘I hate sand niggers.’ How refreshing would that be? it would likely be the most concise, consistent, and true statement he could come up with. Because it’s probably how he really feels. All these rights, in these United States, but you don’t get to say much. Gimme a break."

It’s certainly implausible and the resulting media outrage would cause a big enough headache for anyone with working ears to be truly "refreshing," but Kelis may have a point. Are we tripping over our own sensitivity on the journey to tolerance? [Missbehave Magazine]

[You may notice that we left certain words often considered taboo uncensored in this post. We feel that the inclusion of these words is the best way to understand the context and the issues within this post. Besides, censoring Kelis’ words on political correctness would seem to run immediately counter to her point. Kelis wouldn’t have it, and honestly, we’re kind of scared of her.]

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