Travis and Shanna Keep the Trend Going


Big surprise – the stars of MTV’s Meet The Barkers are calling it quits for realsies this time. After shooting their reality – "look at us we’re a normal married couple with kids, tattoos and millions of dollars" – show about wedded bliss, the pair split, reconciled, and have now split again, for good. And good riddance to them! They join a slew of other couples who popped upon MTV together and in love only to find themselves bitten by the "We’re so happy together" reality TV show curse. Think we’re lying? Look who else has felt the black magic:

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  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave.
    These two set out to prove that even a rocker and a model could settle
    down. They were wrong and divorced three years after their televised
  • Wildboyz:
    Steve-O and Chris Pontius. This pair was inseparable during the
    Jackass era, but Steve-O couldn’t handle Pontius’ obsession with
    thongs. The show ended last year (okay, they still love each
    other. We just need fodder to prove our genius point).

So let this be a warning to all celebricouples looking to televise
their passionate affair on TV. It will all end in a blaze of drunk
MySpace message attacks and Thanksgiving Day divorces. Shudder. At least we still have Rob & Big to love.

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