Whatcha Gonna Do When Big Boi Comes After You?


Big Boi Says, ?Hello, world! Who?s your caddy??The more reserved half of OutKast put his money where his mouth is, defending his wife against sticky-fingered denim lovers. Translation? Big Boi‘s wife owns a boutique in Atlanta called P. Valentine, and, according to AllHipHop,?over the weekend a certain party (or parties) stole all of their jeans. So the eminently likable rap star went on a radio station and?offered $50,000 to the person who calls the store and lets him know who perpetrated the crime.?Apparently, he also told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, ?I?ve got to see about this personally. You don?t even have to call the police folk. Just call me . . . ?I?ll get this handled.? Speaking of bounties, is $50,000 a lot or a little these days? Anyone know? Our subscriptions to?Guns & Ammo and Don Diva have lapsed.

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