Papa Simpson: Still Rockin’ the Creepiness

by (@katespencer)

jessicadad073007.jpgCheck out this quote from Jessica Simpson‘s dad and get ready for your skin to crawl a wee bit. He tells People that the strangest role his daughter was ever offered “was for Jessica to [play] a porn star,” he told the mag. “We were promised we would win an Oscar with that. I was like, ‘Eh, we’ll just buy a [statue of a] little man and keep our clothes on.’ ”

Isn’t Jessica kinda of porn star-ish already? Okay, okay, she’s not having sex on film, but remember that car washing video for “These Boots Were Made for Walking?” There’s something about dry humping a vintage Dodge Charger in a bikini with soap suds dripping everywhere that feels just a little dirrrty. As for winning an Oscar – don’t stop believing Papa Joe. It could definitely, possibly, maybe happen. Just probably not with her latest potential bomb. But surely that “little man” statue that Joe bought will make Jess feel all better about her crappy career picks! [People?/ Image: Getty]

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