Fiddy Believes That Children Are Our Future



50 Cent has his eyes on the future and he thinks R&B youngins Ciara and Chris Brown will lead us there. That probably means we all have to start taking dance lessons, right? If you can’t 1-2 step or grab your crotch like Michael Jackson, your ass will be left behind. Anyway, 50 says:

They came at me about doing [“Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” with Ciara] and I heard the joint. It was before her album came out and I was thinking that she?s the future of R&B. People love Beyonc?, but look at how long she?s been around! I think that she?s dope, though. But I?m about the future of the business and her [Ciara] and Chris Brown are just that. They?re going to be the best things out in a lil? bit. But as far as what people think between me and her, man…[laughs], the video did that.

This is mostly notable because 50 Cent is actually saying something nice about someone else (two someones, even!). I thought there was a bullet lodged in the section of his brain responsible for compliments. He’s always so full of surprises! []

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