The Rock Life Recap, Episode 5


Tony Potato
Tony Potato, the ?fat guy who dances on a box,? according to Cisco, loses his job. The real job, that is. Apparently Tony?s commitment to the band was overshadowing his ability to practice law. It?s actually something of a blessing though, as now Tony feels he can dedicate himself more fully to the band. This statement is followed by severeal images from Tony?s day, which include (but are not limited to) Tony cooking, golfing, and chasing a ball around the pool. Another one of Tony?s frequent activities is making fun of band assistant Bart. If you could, for one moment, disregard the fact that the struggling band with barely a record deal has an assistant, attempt to get your mind around this: they also have an intern. Tony finds Bart?s function absolutely pointless, but one could argue that Tony doesn?t bring much to the table either. Also, it was only two episodes ago that Bart was tasked with getting Tony laid. How quickly we forget, Mr. Potato.The band decides a challenge is in order — Tony does a comedy act while Bart produces the band’s video. Bart shows up two hours late, and the video rapidly falls apart as Tony’s attempts to derail the video succeed. Cisco proves himself to be much more reasonable than any other member in the band by calming everyone down, and reminding Tony that he has no business complaining, and that he’s purposefully sabotaging the video. Cisco then assures Tony of his position in the band, stating “Bart doesn’t know how to dance, man.” It?s a good thing he doesn?t practice law, or he could have taken Tony?s other job. Tony ultimately saves the day by providing the hot ladies in bikinis (a requisite aspect of any
L.A. band?s video) that Bart couldn’t deliver on. He later steals the show with some aquabatics.

Tony performs later that evening, after making a few extraordinarily awkward jokes on the bus, he suits up in his Eddie Murphy circa Delirious gear, and with the exception of his bizarre delivery, pretty much nails the gig, proving that while he might not be much of a lawyer, or even much of a dancer, he can be a pretty decent stand-up comic with lots of physical props and three minutes of material.

Most grossly exaggerated statement of the episode: “Tony’s stand-up act was brilliant!” — Orbi

Most even-keeled band member: Cisco

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