What Are Your Favorite Songs of the ’90s?


britneyspearshitmebaby.jpgAh, the ’90s.?What a?decade: U2 dressed up like girls, Tupac‘s stomach tattoo?was legendary, and we were all?feeling so magnanimous that somehow Moby became a star. VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the ’90s celebrates the days when Britney Spears wasn’t crazy, just jailbait, and O.D.B. was racking up court dates faster than Ike Turner times Phil Spector to the power of?Lindsay Lohan. Now it’s time to honor the decade that began with C&C Music Factory and ended with the stupidity of Woodstock ’99. We want your participation, too. What songs do you think should?make the list? Vote here, now. The people will have their voice! (The show airs in December, so check back for updates.)

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