Boys to Men: Mission: Man Band Episode 5 Recap


Mission: Man Band
Fame is a cruel mistress, but the anticipation of fame can be a real deal-breaker. When Bryan‘s wife Kim came to visit the Man Band house, she found herself surrounded by the 14 beautiful female dancers the men were auditioning for their performance at Miami nightclub Mansion. Despite how fit, toned and tanned everyone appeared, it wasn’t pretty. Kim’s jealousy manifested in a massive load of guilt for Bryan. The fewer clothes on the back-up dancers, the more guilt for our beleaguered Man Bander.

The episode had already gotten off to a rocky start when the men sat Miss Kate down for a heart-to-heart and Chris told her that they wanted — past tense — to fire her. After forcing them to do the Orlando Magic half-time show (where they were jeered), watch their performance on tape afterward (at which they cringed) and listen to local DJs mock Sure Shot on the radio (which was vicious), Miss Kate was giving off fairly low readings on the happy scale. But after she admitted she was wrong, the men gave her another chance.

Then they made a music video — the YouTube kind, not the MTV kind. It featured Rich, Jeff, Chris and Bryan dressed up in bizarre costumes being chased by a wizard. The idea was to poke fun at themselves and critic-proof the band in the process. Oddly, Rich called filming the video “the best day of his life,” and said that having his first child would be “the second best day of his life.” (Later, he said that auditioning the dancers was the second best day of his life, so you know his child-rearing priorities aren’t top of mind at the moment.) When they screened the video for Brian Michael Cox, the producer seemed nonplussed. It’s understandable. The video didn’t exactly have viral potential. And now, everyone’s sweating the performance at Mansion. Fingers crossed, people.

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