Boys to Men — Mission: Man Band Episodes 6 & 7 Recap


Mission: Man Band
Hold your applause: Despite clever editing meant to heighten suspense and to lead you to believe that they were going to crash and burn, Sureshot‘s performance at Mansion was an unmitigated success. (Sidebar: Mansion is a Miami club that was the site of a mini Britney Spears meltdown in May — not that a Britney meltdown is that rare an animal.) The men, our putative band of brothers, came together for a rousing show, and they looked good. As Bryan said, they were taking their style cues from the Rat Pack. The audience dug it. Groovy.

The performance came with its own specific sort of stress. Chris and Miss Kate had a huge fight over some missing microphone stands — he blamed her and blew it all out of proportion. In the meantime, though, Chris wasn’t on his best behavior either. While on a radio show in Miami, he became self-deprecating and self-critical, going to so far as to say that Mission: Man Band “is a joke on us” and that it was all about seeing how “fat and ugly we’ve gotten.” Then, of course, right before the performance, Rich explained that gig-stress often makes him have to go to the bathroom. Number two. Charming.

But that was nothing compared to the finale, in which Miss Kate and the boys flew to New York to meet with execs at Jive and Atlantic. First, however, Rich and Chris visited with leukemia patients, and Rich explained how his own condition has made him conscious of and sympathetic toward those who suffer from the disease. (He has his own charity, the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation.) Also, it turned out that Bryan had gotten his weight down to 286 pounds — a hard-fought loss that he was rightfully proud of. Brian Michael Cox worked with them on a third song to present to the suits in Manhattan, and the men were at their finest. No doubt. Everyone looked good and confident.

During the trip, Chris pointed down at Giant Stadium from the window of their private jet and said, “See that? That’s where we’ll be playing in two years.” (We hope so. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.) They met with Steve Lunt at Atlantic Records and Jeff Finster at Jive. The latter is a hard-bitten type who makes no bones about truth-telling; he told Bryan and Chris that they needed to lose weight, and he also expressed his reservations over whether or not Sureshot was a real band. He made the men sing for him. They impressed him. And the series ended with men hoping that a record contract would materialize.

Don’t you think they deserve one?

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