Meg White: Music for Stained Sheets


Meg WhiteDon?t care whether Meg White?s sex tape is real or not. Only care about which White Stripes song titles can be construed in an erotique manner. Which of her own tunes would Lady Meg listen to if she was doing the wild thing with her gentleman d?jour? Let’s start from way back and work up to the present day, and when you’re done, let us know which Detroit ditty you think has the nastiest title.

1. “Screwdriver”

2. “Slicker Drips”

3. “Sugar Never Tasted So Good”

4. “Jimmy the Exploder”

5. “Your Southern Can Is Mine”

6. “Now Mary”

7. “This Protector”

8. “Offend In Every Way”

9. “The Hardest Button to Button”

10. “Ball And Biscuit”

11. “I Want To Be the Boy?”

12. “Passive Manipulation”

13. “The Nurse”

14. “Conquest”

15. “Icky Thump”

16. “I?m Slowly Turning Into You”

Someone send this list to Sting. He can have an assistant make him a songlist, and have a new soundtrack for that tantric stuff he likes to pull now and then. Don’t know all the songs on the list. Head to Rhapsody for some schooling.

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