Mischa Barton Gets t.A.T.u.’d


What do t.A.T.u. have in common with Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan? Until very recently, nothing. But since Mischa Barton signed on to star in the upcoming film Finding t.A.T.u., the Sapphic Russian twosome is the subject of a new film. Based on a true story, the former O.C. starlet plays Lana Starkova, a Russian slaughterhouse worker [Ed: WTF?], who meets lonely American Janie Sawyer on a t.A.T.u. fansite and together enter the seedy Russian underworld of drugs and violence. Hear that kids? t.A.T.u. is a gateway drug. Check out the glorified music video above — you’ll have to suspend disbelief long enough to buy the idea that t.A.T.u. actually warrant a film, as well Barton’s accent.

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