Britney’s Blackout: Early Reviews Are In


For fans of the disgraced pop princess, tomorrow’s a special day: VH1 will be streaming the new Britney Spears record, in its entirety. So what’s the word back on what you can expect? A bevy of experts have already weighed in. And the news will disappoint all you haters out there: If you believe the critics, Blackout is actually supposed to be pretty good. How do you think it will compare to her previous work?

“She may no longer dance with flair, lip-sync on cue, keep her dress down, or even be judged a suitable mom, but Britney Spears can still turn up on some slammin’ new songs. The much-whispered-about, oft-giggled-over Blackout album, the singer’s first in four years, contains flashes of the zippy pop and propulsive dance beats Brit fans treasure, despite the singer’s, shall we say, distracting activities of the last year.” – The New York Daily News

“This album is going to be #1!!! Everyone needs to back the hell off. Her family wouldn?t have nothing if it weren?t for her. Even Mr. Federline he has what he has because of her. She has made everyone lives better. She?s young and just living her life (and yes the way she wants ). I?m so excited, can?t wait for the 30th!!! YOU GO GIRL!!” – Ashley, a rather intense fan of Britney Spears, in a post at

“The good news: it’s not nearly as bad as you may have thought, or been led to believe. Her handlers may be unable to keep her from falling face first into a puddle of her own Frappucino puke outside Wal-Mart, but once she lays down her notorious cat yawp, her superproducers are free to turn it into another squeaky sound effect in their passable, expensive-sounding dance-pop, without fear she’s going to storm the studio, drunken grab the decks, and somehow f*ck it up.” – Idolator

“The Giorgio Moroder-inspired ‘Heaven on Earth’ is far more layered — which is a good thing, considering her vocals are especially airy here. Three different vocal lines take place over the throbbing beat, in a way similar to Moroder’s signature song, Donna Summer’s disco classic “I Feel Love.” Reciting what she wants as a come-on in one line (“Your love, your teeth, your tongue”), she tells her lover sleepily to “lay your head on my chest and drift away,” while simultaneously singing in a more bouncy style in a third lyric: “You’ve taken me so far away, one look and you stop time.” It’s one of the more complex tracks she’s attempted, with whispers sneaking in and out of other lyrics so that two or three songs could be happening at once. ” – VH1

“Like many of today’s young dance-pop starlets, Britney sounds like she’s looking back to the ’80s . . . . The Rihanna-esque ‘Radar’ (also produced by Bloodshy & Avant), sets Spears’s chirpy delivery to a bouncy beat, while the driving ‘Heaven on Earth,’ an early fave, is a throbbing throwback to “I Feel Love”-era Donna Summer.”- People

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