Hot Searches: Cholos and Tequila


Through an algorithm we keep under lock and key at our editorial labs, we have collected info on the search behavior of our savviest pop music fans. Here’s a selective guide for queries covering Oct 15 through Oct. 21.

Down AKA Kilo Leans Like a Cholo

The Cholo Phenomenon

For months, countless users have been typing “Lean Like a Cholo” into our search box. This single from the Down AKA Kilo (pictured above) album Definition of an Ese was released last April. Our algorithm, advanced as it is, fails to explain the song’s high popularity relative to its unimpressive position at No. 53 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. But we’re guessing video spoofs related to the song (? la gangsta chipmonks and cholas) may be keeping interest strong.

Most Searched Artists of the Week

1. Soulja Boy extends his summer reign.
2. Fergie has a new video, Clumsy.
3. Chris Brown is handsome and talented.
4. Aside from being a train wreck that the world is recording on TiVo, Britney Spears is getting ready to release her comeback album, Blackout, which we are streaming a week early!
5. Nickelback is perennially among top searches. Expect to see them here next week, too.

A Few Shots of Tila Tequila

Reality dating show princess Tila Tequila is a newcomer in our search results, primarily because of her MTV show, A Shot of Love at Tila Tequila. (Not to mention we want her.) The bulk of users, however, simply want to take a break out of their tedious day and view a few steaming hot photos. This urge, by the way, has been scientifically confirmed by our algorithm. We don’t judge it. We just deliver results.

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