Jermaine Dupri Doesn’t Want to Talk Timberlake


You make one little comment about the dude that shamed your girlfriend in front of millions, and it’s all anyone wants to talk about. At least that’s what Jermaine Dupri is experiencing above, and unleashes a curiously video-taped (and expletive laden) tirade [NSFW]. A few weeks ago, The New York Post reported that the Little Producer That Could dissed Justin Timberlake in his biography, stating JT could be “any skinny white kid from the suburbs of Orlando,” and questioning Timberlake’s star power. Now Dupri’s being called upon to answer for the remarks, and he’s none too pleased. In the clip, Dupri rails against whoever’s on the other end of the line (we’re guessing it’s directory assistance or the automated weather service), stating the whole incident is “the dumbest f*ck” and “I don’t need no f*cking press off Justin Timberlake.” Do you think Dupri is overreacting?

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