Britney Wants to Bone Kim Kardashian

by (@katespencer)

kim-britney-1105.jpgLet’s all do a happy dance, as this is the greatest, most awesome, probably not true rumor of the day! Apparently Britney – who has always been rumored to have lesbian tendencies – told a pal, ?I really love Kim?s butt, skin and hair. Kim is a real woman. A real horny beast.? Kim Kardashian is soooo lucky! Who wouldn’t want the world’s worst mom (with the world’s best hair extensions) lusting after them? Sadly, Kim is not alone. Britney also allegedly wants to get nekkid with Carmen Electra, George Clooney and Eminem. That’s quite a crew, huh! So who else might be on Britney’s list?

  • The Snapple Lady, Wendy Kaufman (almost as voluptuous as Kim)
  • Rudy Guiliani (Brit likes powerful dudes)
  • Rihanna (obviously – who wouldn’t want to get near her)
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (ex sex and a threesome – kinky!)
  • The judge in her custody case (okay, now this is just plain gross)
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