Britney’s Worst Year Ever: December


Britney_SpearsNo one could have imagined a mere 12 months ago that Brit would create such glorious new nonsense every week. Some of the craziness escapes you? Here’s our recount.

December 1 ? Even Celebrities Drunk Dial ? Britney hits the Scandinavian Mansion of Style [Ed: WTF?] to celebrate her 26th birthday with her two remaining friends, cousin/enabler Ali Sims and creepy new hanger-on Sam Lufti. Shortly after Paris Hilton joins the crew, she lends Britney her cell phone so she can call ex-husband Kevin Federline. Brit pleads with K-Fed to join them, but someone has to stay home and watch the kids. Britney becomes infuriated, and reportedly hangs up on him. [NY Post]

December 5 ? Shady Associates ? Brit pal and constant companion Sam Lufti apparently has quite the shady past. With two restraining orders and no discernible career (Lufti had claimed to be a film producer), Brit?s family fears for the singer?s safety. One source blabbed to UsWeekly: ?She?s so desperate for a friend.? [Us Weekly]

December 12 ? Calling In Sick to Court ? Ten minutes after a scheduled deposition began, Spears called and informed her representation that she was ill and unable to attend. Later that day, Brit?s creepy consort Sam Lufti called E! and told them that due to the media frenzy, Brit?s anxiety ?sky rocketed,? and she was unable to pull it together and face the same paparazzi and reporters she?s been courting for almost a decade. [Us Weekly]

December 19 ? Crazy Runs In The Family ? In an impressive show of sisterly love, 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn steps up and takes some of the media pressure off her sister by announcing her own pregnancy on the cover of OK! Magazine. While her parents were shocked and appalled, and the younger Spears confesses to being ?scared,? she?s decided to keep the baby. When questioned by TMZ, Britney initially had no idea her sister was in a family way. [OK! Magazine]

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