Brit Readies for Super Bowl with Boob Flash

by (@katespencer)


So what if Britney’s not actually performing at the Super Bowl next weekend? She still made sure she gave us a show that topped Janet Jackson’s whole wardrobe malfunction debacle when she flashed her boob to the paparazzi during a dance rehearsal this weekend. Check out the video above for a couple choreography moves, one of the twins, and a whole lot of crazy (skip to the 3:20 mark to get right to the goods).

But just because Brit was busy letting it all hang out doesn’t mean she’s out of control. It was probably just part of her new “treatment for mental issues!” Yes, Brit’s BEF (Best Enabler Forever) Sam Lutfi called Babs over at The View today (er, why?) and told her that the singer is seeing a psychiatrist and is seeking help for “mental issues,” including mood swings and sleeping problems. More good news: Brit’s in touch with her mother! Now if only someone would step in and help with her unfortunate lipstick choices, she’d be well on her way to almost normal. [Us]

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