Someone Get Britney Some Help – FAST

by (@katespencer)

The Queen of the Night had another meltdown outside her house yesterday that began in the early evening and lasted until one or two in the morning. Apparently Brit got in a big fight with her master/enabler Sam Lutfi, so she hopped out of his car with her bag and dog and tried to run away (you’re not in Kansas anymore, Brit!). Where she was headed we’re not sure, and neither was she, as she eventually plopped down on the curb to cry. Then Adnan Ghalib, photog boyfriend extraordinaire, tried to come to her rescue, but he was banned (by Sam) from entering her gated community. Eventually both her parents showed up around 9PM, but then Brit bolted to drive around with city with Adnan till 11PM. Eventually she headed back home, only to hit up a drugstore at 1:2o AM with her Mom and Sam in tow.

TMZ is claiming that the gang is in the process of attempting an intervention on the pop queen to try to get her to deal with her mental health issues. What we want to know is, who is thinking about Britney’s poor, suffering millionaire neighbors!? They’ve paid big bucks for their McMansions, only to live in the middle of a freak-show. Check out some video of the scene at her house and you’ll be offering to go evacuate people tomorrow. Seriously, the girl needs her own country to contain all the insanity she attracts.

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