Britney Hospitalized & On Psychiatric Hold

by (@katespencer)

It happened again late last night: Britney Spears was shuttled to the hospital – this time to UCLA Medical Center – in an ambulance surrounded by police and paparazzi. Fortunately things went down differently for the pop princess’ second hospital stint, dare we even say calmly. Brit’s new psychiatrist set off the chain of events, which had apparently been planned for days, after he determined that her behavior was reckless (driving around like a lunatic in a pink wig) and deteriorating (not sleeping since Saturday. Saturday!!!). He called the police and paramedics, who knew of the plan beforehand and referred to Britney in code, calling her “The Package.” Britney was extremely calm during the entire thing, making herself hot chocolate and waiting in silence. Her mom, however, apparently freaked out, and there is allegedly major tension between the family and Sam Lutfi, who orchestrated the whole event. Also on the scene: cousin Alli Sims, an aunt, Britney’s did Jamie, and her bizarre paparazzi-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

Britney is now currently at the hospital (where she’s been allowed smoking breaks) under a 72-hour hold, and could be kept as long as 14 days. There’s allegedly some drama between her family and Sam over who gets to make the medical decisions for Brit, as she had her lawyers draft up papers after her last hospital stint that puts Lutfi in charge of her medical decisions. Apparently Brit’s dad blew up at Sam and accused him of trying to control Brit’s life.

Check out the above video of the scene as Britney was taken away from her house to the hospital late last night. Apparently the line of police and medical vehicles “stretched longer than a football field.” Only the best for America’s pop princess. [LA Times/TMZ/Us]

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