Mariah Carey Drops Some Diva-tude

by (@katespencer)


Straight up, Mimi’s a diva. We’ve all ogled at her personal umbrella-holding escort and her episode of Cribs is a permanent save on our TiVo. Let’s be real: it’s what makes us love her even more. But could she be taking her sass a little too far? The crooner is in the UK promoting her new number one single and upcoming album, but she bailed on a radio interview – set to begin at 11AM – because “she’s not a morning person.”

Regardless, she’s still a performer, and early morning publicity chats part of the job – even if she was allegedly up until 3AM the night before. The station had already complied with every other demand Ms. Thang had laid out for them, including the accumulation of “a load of straws…because she only drinks fruit juice through a straw.” But this is the woman who just beat out Elvis Presley in the singles department – with her 18 number ones. So if she can beat the King, doesn’t that make her Queen? [Mirror]

This just in: a nice interview chat with the Z100 crew, where she addresses surpassing Elvis in the Number One singles department.

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