Hear Mariah’s New Tune: Hello “Bye Bye”



Mariah has always had her sentimental side. So don’t be shocked that “Bye Bye,” the second track from E-MC2, is a pat on the back to those of us who have recently lost someone dear. Appropriately, her vocal sounds sweet on this one. She recently told Billboard that her billion dollar voice sometimes has a mind of its own.

“The days of rest are really it. I sit here with my throat sprays, and spraying water and drinking a lot of water is kind of the only thing I can do. A lot of people get obsessive with trying to take things for their throat ? it doesn’t work the same for me. And I just got over the flu, so that can be something that will stop me in my tracks. But sometimes I’ll sing better with a cold, as long as it’s not in my throat. It’s weird. My voice has a mind of it’s own [Laughs]. You have to maintain it, and you have to have these vocal rest days. I’ll be doing what you’re doing, just writing notes instead of talking. It’s total silence, and sometimes I’ll whisper softly. It’s not good to whisper for your voice, it’s not good to stage whisper.”

Check Rhapsody for E=MC2 a week from today.

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