Chris Protects Rihanna, Attacks Photog

by (@katespencer)


Chris Brown went a little nuts protecting his precious Rihanna over the weekend, after a Florida photographer got too close with his camera. The drama took place as the couple was leaving the Kiss, Kiss crooner’s private b-day party, when Chris got pissed at the pap for snapping a pic and chased the guy away. His bodyguards also allegedly battled with the photog, and he is alleging that they knocked him to the ground and took his $3000 camera.

We’d say Chris’ defense was a little much – after all, he and Rihanna are just “friends!” But perhaps he went so ballistic because he was protecting his girlfriend. Even though they insist they’re not a couple, no one’s buying it, and Rihanna came pretty close to admitting their relationship truth in an interview with Elle. ” ?We?ve always been friends,” she cooed about Chris. “But we?re very close now.?

Sure sounds like it!

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