Five Really Good Reasons Brit’s Not Preggers

by (@katespencer)


Heard the rumor about Brit having a bun in the oven? Us too. But we’re not freaking out over a little belly bump, cuz we know our girl can’t be knocked up just yet. Don’t believe us? Check out these five solid reasons and then try to challenge our proof.

5. The Jamie-Lynn Factor

You think Britney would get pregnant when her hotter, younger, more scandalously pregnant sister is about to give birth? Hell no! Brit shares the spotlight with no one, and there’s no way she’d let her possible pregnancy get overshadowed by J-L!

4. Ciggies Aren’t for Mommies

Say what you will about Britney Spears and how big she looks in this pic, but there’s NO WAY she is dumb enough to smoke while pregnant.

3. Her BFF Mel Would Be Mad

Brit’s currently on vacation with her most random best friend, Mel Gibson. If she was really knocked up wouldn’t she be getting a sonogram and not a Costa Rican tan?

2. So Long Sexy Outfits

Brit would have to abandon skantastic outfits like the one she sported the other night in favor of mama-wear. No more short skirts? No way! Also, note the ciggies in her hand. No way is she puffin’ for two!

1. Would Britney REALLY Get Knocked Up During the Making of a Sex Tape?

Oh crap. Yes, she might. And there’s a rumored sex vid of Brit doing her ex-BF Adnan Ghalib while wearing her pink wig! Maybe we better rethink this list…

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