The 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at the MTV Movie Awards

by (@katespencer)


While the rest of the world was paying attention to who was winning what at the MTV Movie Awards, a few of us were drooling over our favorite celebs that looked good enough to bed. Check out our picks for the 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at last night’s show – and tell us, were you as turned on by Audrina’s new bangs as we were?


10. Zac Efron – We’d go home with him based on his eyes alone. But sure, that blue shiny suit was a nice touch.


9. Sweet, sweet, plastic Heidi Montag - After so many outfit wrongs, the meanest b*tch at the Beverly Center finally gets it WAY right. The shoes, the dress, the fabulously synthetic hair: Fake never looked so hot.


8. Tila Tequila - Kinda glam, still sextastic’. We want a shot at love, too!


7. Will Smith – He’s hot, but he’s a lot hotter toting his tot around to up his Cute Dad ante.


6. Ellen Page - We love a lady in pants and sneakers (stealing SamRon‘s style, natch) – and the Oscar-nom proves the more natural, the better. Wannabes, take note!


5. Audrina Patridge - Yes! Audrina finally outshines her always-jealous BFF Lauren Conrad with her hot new look. Bangin’ indeed.


4. Chris Brown – Dear Rihanna, He’s ours now. Love, The Vh1 Blog


3. Lindsay Lohan – Oh LiLo. Just when we want to hate you, you go and look all sorts of sexed out. That child-sized dress may not be the career-saving move you need, but you’ve re-earned our lust. Sigh.


2. Megan Fox - Somewhere in the past on a dark, stormy night, Brian Austin Green made a deal with the devil, handing over his career for the hottest woman in the world. Well played.


1. Johnny Depp - The only man who looks just as hot now as he did twenty years ago. Only now he’s all sensitive and that much more dreamy. Oh, and married. Still, we can dream, right?

Check out more pics from the red hot red carpet and the show.

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