Tila Gives LiLo Lesbian Love Advice

by (@katespencer)


It’s time for Lindsay Lohan to go public with her relationship with to Samantha Ronson – or so says know-it-all Tila Tequila. “I think that the fact that everyone knows about it makes it fine,” she said at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. Tila continued her rant of sage wisdom, adding, “Just go all out with it! If you?re going to do something, do it all out.”

Certainly Lindsay’s never had a problem with giving things her all – she liked rehab so much she did it three times! While we rarely agree with Tila on anything (we’re still mad she let Dani go), we’ve gotta side with her on this one, but it doesn’t seem like Linds is gonna open up anytime soon. She allegedly passed up a $1 million offer from OK! to spill the beans on her love affair with Sam, which is rare for the cash-loving redhead. She must really be in love! [Us]

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