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This year the Critics Choice Awards are going to rock a little louder. Revered L.A. band Rooney will be on hand, playing presenters and winners on and off the stage with some of the smartest and catchiest pop-rock around. We’ve been Rooney fans for a long time, and during the years invited them into do an acoustic concert for us, and tell us all about their favorite videos.

Since they’re part of our CCA show on January 8 (start with the Red Carpet bash and watch it live on VH1 at 8:30 pm ET), we thought we’d get some info about their own movie habits. When they’re traveling in the band bus there’s a hierarchy in place. The back lounge tends to be the “low-brow scene,” and the forward lounge screens “art films or classics.” Jump on with them and you might see anything from Casablanca to Wild Hogs.

Here are the guys recent faves:

Robert Carmine: I used to go to movies a lot, but I?m staying home and watching ?em on DVD these days. It makes life better. I watched Trading Places and Stripes the other night ? fantastic. This year I liked Iron Man. I think Robert Downey, Jr is awesome. It was cool that they cast a non pretty boy. It was an oddball choice ? it made the movie better. I didn?t freak out over The Dark Knight, but it was really good. I don?t like how people try to make it into a ?masterpiece.? It was a great action movie; don?t make it into something it?s not. Don?t like it when something is over hyped. I saw Indiana Jones and James Bond ? no comment. I liked Burn After Reading a lot. I love the Coen Brothers, I totally jock anything they do. Pitt was funny. It?s cool when someone known for one thing does something unexpected. He?s bold.

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Matt Winter: I?m just as much a movies person as a music person. I?ve tried to keep up with this year?s films. My favorite movie of the year was a French film called Tell No One ? a great drama, suspense thing that really felt real really exciting and really well done. It was truly gripping.

Ned Brower: I like to go to the theater, and I?m into the home delivery of the Netflix thing. Being in L.A. we also get screeners at this time of year. There are a lot of them floating around, so we see lots of free movies, which is cool, what with this recession. This year, think I?m the only person in the country who saw City of Ember. It was directed by the guy who directed Monster House. It was in the theater for about a week. Bill Murray was in it ? I love him. It?s like a Bladerunner for kids. It takes place in the future in an underground city, where humans have gone to live. Generators are set up for a certain amount of years to give them energy, but the generators about to run out of juice. The kids try to save it. It?s this tattered society, and there was cool visual design and costumes. I told everyone I knew about it for a week but all of a sudden it was gone. For some reason it didn?t get any marketing dollars.

Louie Stephens: I like Synecdoche, New York. Charlie Kaufman ? one of the best writers we have. This one is kind of depressing. It?s about sickness, death, and failure in a lot of ways. Shame, too. Those would generally be thought of as heavy, sad concepts, but you can laugh at a lot of this movie even as you want to cry. Really impressive. Talented dude. I saw Gran Turino the other night, too. It?s kind of like Unforgiven but with Clint as an old dude.

Taylor Locke: I probably see the least amount of movies out of all these guys, but I did just see Doubt, which was killer. I didn?t read all these things about ?it?s a play and it will be hard to turn it into a movie? until after I saw it, so I thought I was going to see a regular movie, and it was awesome. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep, both topnotch. Other than that, I stick with the light comedy scene, low-brow stuff like Tropic Thunder gets me out to the theater. That one was really awesome.

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