Jason Mraz’s Free E-Card Helps You Get Romantic For Valentine’s Day


Jason Mraz, the bouncy singer with the big hit (“Lucky”) and the cool friend (Colbie Caillet) has always been a softie when it comes to love. So it’s fitting that he’s put together a Valentine’s Day e-card that his fans can send out to their sweeties this year. It involves some fun graphics and the lyrics to “Lucky.” Jumble them around and click your card off to someone’s inbox. Everything will go better this Saturday night if you do.

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Check Jason’s thoughts about Valentine’s Day after the jump. There’s more Valentines Videos there, too.

A couple years ago we asked Mraz about his Valentine’s Day luck. Here’s what he said.

“Valentine’s Days aren’t really good for me. I’m one of those guys who gets really scared and about a week before Valentine’s Day, and bails. Last year, I asked one girl to be my valentine, and suddenly we went from just being cool to being too cool. I was like, “Oh no! We’re going to be a couple, aren’t we? And if we want to go our different ways, it’s gonna be a break-up.” So I just bailed. I’m horrible. I’m such a bastard! Right before I moved to California, I was hanging out with this dude. He was a really good friend of mine, and he was helping me out with a lot of stuff. He was gay and on Valentine’s Day we went to this really nice restaurant. I didn’t even realize it, but all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had been dating him for the last two months! I was like, “Think about it! We go out, we have a lot of fun, and the next day I’d call and we’d set up another date.” When he bought me Valentine’s dinner at this wonderful French restaurant, I said, “I’m dating you – aren’t I?” And of course, I bailed. It was wild.”

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