Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s New CD A Week Early


Just a heads up: if you’ve been hot on Kelly Clarkson‘s “My Life Would Suck Without You,” and you’re dying to hear what the rest of her new All I Ever Wanted disc sounds like, you’re in the right place. Next Tuesday, March 3, we’re streaming Ms. Clarkson’s latest opus in its entirety. That means you can hear it a week before it hits the racks. You’re definitely going to need to find out why one tune is called “I Do Not Hook Up.” See you Tuesday.

Watch Kelly Clarkson videos and interviews.

Find out why All I Ever Wanted is Clarkson’s rebound, her ill-advised trip to Cancun with her girlfriends, and her fling with an underwear model (metaphorically speaking).

Make the jump for the new disc’s song titles and clips of Kelly doing a show and tell about her favorite music videos.

Watch Kelly’s “My Playlist” to see why she loves Aerosmith and OutKast

All I Ever Wanted
1 – My Life Would Suck Without You
2 – I Do Not Hook Up
3 – Cry
4 – Don’t Let Me Stop You
5 – All I Ever Wanted
6 – Already Gone
7 – If I Can’t Have You
8 – Save You
9 – whyyouwannabringmedown
10 – Long Shot
11 – Impossible
12 – Ready
13 – I Want You
14 – If No One Will Listen

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