Watch Music Videos By Lady Gaga And the Girls


Lady Gaga has certainly scored a royal flush with her recent hand of hits! Whether she’s urging us to keep up our guard by sporting a “Poker Face” or recommending delirium in “Just Dance,” her anthems grab pop fans by both the ears and butt. The young “blonde” diva is constantly being compared to early-era Madonna, transforming ordinary concert-goers to superfans as she thrills audience after audience on her Fame Ball tour, which she calls ?a travelling party.?

She?s got a background in burlesque, a deep appreciation for Andy Warhol, and a bit of dismay over wearing pants ? no wonder Gaga?s turning heads on stage. Her sensationalism has only just hit the scene, but she is already ranking alongside our faves of 2009!

She?s not alone either. It seems we?re in a pop season where there?s plenty of female aristocracy.

Get your dose of Gaga, Britney, Kelly, and Ciara music videos by checking out our Ladies On Top playlist.

Lacey Seidman

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