My Chemical Romance Embrace Dystopia In Their Video For “SING”

by (@unclegrambo)

After we gave you My Chemical Romance fans a tantalizing tease of what their new video, “SING,” would look like on Monday, it’s finally time to let you see the whole shebang. Here’s the quickie synopsis: In a dystopian future that’s kind of reminiscent of the worlds of Watchmen and A Clockwork Orange, Gerard Way and his cohorts in MCR hop in a vintage (and totally bitchin’) Trans-Am and storm the headquarters of Better Living Industries (“Blind,” get it?) in an attempt to rescue what must be the world’s most important pre-teen (who, for the olds out there reading this, looks a lot like Cool from the original Parenthood). Along the way, they encounter creepy guys in vampire masks and Sonny Crockett’s left-over sportjackets who try to thwart their rescue attempt with laser pistols. Fortunately, My Chemical Romance is also armed with laser pistols and, as you might expect, an epic battle — which comes complete with a duel between Gerard and some incubated bald baddy! — for the kid dressed like Mork from Ork ensues.

What does it all mean, people? We’ll leave the theorizing up to you in the comments below. If you want to see how this video looks on your big screen at home, be sure to tune into VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown this weekend.

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