Video Premiere: Britney Spears, “Hold It Against Me”

by (@unclegrambo)

We’d be hard pressed to give you a definitive answer as to what exactly the message of the new Britney Spears video, “Hold It Against Me,” is. While the lyrics make a fairly straightforward case about why the object of desire in the song should cash out his tab at the bar and head back to Britney’s place for an evening of carnal delights (bonus points for the double entendre of the title, though!), it’s pretty clear that the Jonas Ã…kerlund directed video aims to make a broader statement about the State Of Britney today. However, after watching the video a few times, we have to admit that we’re still not entirely sure what exactly that statement is supposed to be?

Here’s what we do know: The video takes place on Earth in the year 2011. The rest, quite frankly, could be interpreted many different ways. Is it a “Leave Me Alone” meets “Freedom ’90” type of statement, in which Britney struggles to free herself from a media-created prison of her past success by spraying day-glo paint all over a virginal white dress and monitors showing her old music videos on loop? Is the Yuen Woo Ping style battle between Red Cape Britney and Purple Cape Britney meant to pay homage to the classic Mariah Carey vs. Bianca battle from her “Heartbreaker” video? Does the fact that she spends a good deal of time in this video in the company of men who don’t have any eyes mean that she is sick and tired of the male gaze? Why is the first thing she does when she arrives on Earth — we are just going to go ahead and assume that was her in that meteor — is participate in a photo shoot wearing clothes that look like they’re left over from David LaChappelle’s Rize? Honestly, your guess is as good as ours!

If you’ve got theories about what the video means (or even how you think Britney looks/sounds these days), we’d love to hear them. Hit us up in the comments below, fire off a tweet to @vh1 or share your thoughts with us on the VH1 Facebook page.


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