Fans And Critics React To Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Video



Because MTV Networks and Lady Gaga‘s record label are like separated parents who are trying to work things out, the video for “Born This Way” can’t be viewed at the moment on (It’s the media equivalent of a custody battle!) Still, we want to hear what you think about Lady Gaga’s latest cultural behemoth. So bear with us as we briefly describe the video in text. Or watch it here first.

“Born This Way,” which Gaga worked on with fashion photographer Nick Knight and choreographer-to-the-stars Laurieann Gibson, opens with a two-and-a-half-minute sci-fi narrative of Lady Gaga delivering a non-judgmental race out of her vagina. Little Monsters everywhere are seeing this opener as nothing short of life-changing conceptual art. But there’s a few critics calling it glorified gibberish.

Once the video cuts to the music, Lady Gaga uses strong choreography as an opportunity to show off her toned bikini body (thanks to that drunk diet.). And the video ends with what appears to be a tribute to Madonna as Gaga stares up-close at the camera with a gap between her front teeth. Perhaps Lady Gaga inserted this ending as a response to her song drawing so many comparisons to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”?

Regardless, Lady Gaga’s new video is epic in length and ambition. Does it achieve all that it attempts? Is it an original piece of art or recycled gibberish? Or somewhere in between? See below for excerpts of reviews and share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

  • “Gaga has created another epic music video, a 7:20 artwork.” — The Huffington Post
  • To be honest, nothing about this video seems surprising or necessarily inventive … it strikes me as just another Lady Gaga video. — Pink Is the New Blog
  • “Lady Gaga has produced yet another visually arresting, jaw-droppingly vivid music video.” – MTV
  • “YES EGYPT!!! So inspired by your perseverance and your bravery. and speaking of liberation, I just heard ‘Born This Way’ and loved it. DON’T BE A DRAG JUST BE A QUEEN.” – Hayley Williams
  • “She introduces herself, ‘This is the manifesto of mother monster,’ and then talks some high-level phony baloney about a birth on another planet.”NY Mag’s Vulture
  • “Gaga isn’t shying away from that comparison in her video for the song, which like the David Fincher-directed clip for ‘Express Yourself’ draws on imagery derived from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis.”Rolling Stone
  • “The manifesto of Mother Monster is here. Which is good news for anyone who likes their music videos epic, oh-so-slightly self-important and equal parts Star Trek, Bible-style creationism and superhero origin story.” E! Online
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