Slash Refuses To Pony Up For Storage Unit, Decides To Auction Off His Personal Stuff Instead

by (@unclegrambo)


Times are tough these days, what with the seemingly never-ending recession and all! Even worse? Our national fiscal crisis hasn’t just affected those of us living on Main Street; now it’s creeping its way into the bank accounts of music royalty.

Take Slash, for example. After successful stints with Slash’s Snake Pit and Velvet Revolver, not to mention the ungodly sum of licensing revenue he must’ve racked up over the years from his appearance on the Guns N’ Roses pinball machine, one would think that he’d be pretty well set these days. Well, sadly, it seems as if Slash needs cash. He recently put a bunch of his personal belongings up for sale at auction, and our buddies over at VH1 News got a chance to tour his kick ass collection of studded tophats and coffee tables bequeathed to him by Charlie Sheen (no joke!). Follow along for video.

So, you’re no doubt asking yourself by now, “How can I help Slash?” Well, sadly, the auction closed, but you can rest soundly tonight knowing that the guitar hero got himself an infusion of cash over the weekend. Just be glad that it wasn’t you that parted ways with $2,688 for a New Hampshire license plate that reads GNR-1!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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