This “Someone Like You” Cover Is British Catnip


Ten-year-old Connie Talbot’s YouTube cover of Adele‘s “Someone Like You” has gone bonkers viral today. Generally speaking, that’s because it’s stunning, especially once it hits the chorus.

But the video is also a perfect storm of viral ingredients, particularly for British audiences. For one, it’s Adele. Of course, we love the You Oughta Know artist here at VH1, but in the U.K., they really love her: her sophomore album 21 has been sitting pretty at the top of the British charts since it came out over two months ago, and furthermore, her 2008 debut 19 jumped back onto the chart late last year and is now holding down the #2 spot, just to prevent anyone else from charting above #3 (although Britney might sneak into #2 this week).

For another, Talbot’s delivery is not merely that of a talented kid (which sometimes is enough, if it’s YouTube) but of a nuanced performer. It’s possible that she is merely a skillful copycat, but even that is impressive, considering how well she nails the emotive beats of a song about stalking an ex who married someone else. Remember: she’s ten.

But Talbot has also had a lot of practice. U.K. audiences may remember her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the first season of Britain’s Got Talent. Then only six, she catapulted over the low-bar of “making Amanda Holden cry” and actually impressed Simon Cowell right out of the gate. Ultimately, she took second place behind Paul Potts, because if there’s one thing that can win Britain’s hearts more than an adorable six-year-old singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” it’s a pudgy cell-phone salesman who, it turns out, can bust out a frankly unbelievable poperatic rendition of “Nessun Dorma.”

So, if you enjoyed Talbot’s performance, thank the Brits. And for comparison’s sake, here’s Adele’s own take on “Someone Like You” from VH1’s Unplugged:

[via @MaggieCoughlan]

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