Over-Analyzing Taylor Swift’s Decision To Cover “White Blank Page” By Mumford & Sons

by (@unclegrambo)

Listening to Taylor Swift’s catalog is, as she has admitted on numerous occasions, akin to reading her diary. Considering her stance as a confessional songwriter and performer, we feel inclined to believe that her decision to cover “White Blank Page” by Mumford & Sons during a recent visit to (the quite comely) Fearne Cotton’s BBC Radio-1 program wasn’t made willy-nilly.

So, what was it about the song by the upcoming Unplugged artists that appealed to Swift? If you’ll allow us to (wildly) speculate for a minute, perhaps it had something to do with the song’s strong sexual and religious undertones? One potential reading of “White Blank Page” is that it’s written from the perspective of someone whose religious beliefs strongly encourage them not to have sex before marriage (“Can you kneel before the King and say I’m clean, I’m clean?”), which clearly amounted to be a dealbreaker between of the lady that the song addresses and the song’s narrator. Which, if you’ve ever heard Swift’s “Dear John,” seems like something Swift can readily identify with.

Then again, Swift didn’t make any gender switcheroos with the song’s pronouns to make it sound like it was coming directly from “her,” so there’s a strong chance I’m way off base here. Maybe she just really liked the song and thought it would give her some indie cred on Mumford’s home turf? Either way, it’s a really gorgeous cover.

Do you have a take on why Taylor decided to cover this deep cut from Sigh No More? Feel free to speculate just as wildly as we did in the comments below.

[via Popeater]

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