“Till the World Ends”—Or, At Least, The Party


Ray Kay’s video for the new Britney Spears single, “Till the World Ends,” can’t seem to decide whether it’s about the end of the world, or just a hyper-exclusive, (literally) underground New Year’s Eve party.


Of course, today’s uncertain economic times have led to a resurgence of apocalyptic-fantasy dance party songs and videos unmatched since the AIDS crisis, nuclear-scare, Reagonomic-nightmare mid-1980s. The Mayans may have provided a handy day-and-date marker, but the fear is all-American. So it’s unsurprising that tonight, Britney’s gonna party like it’s 2012.

brit-world-flashgordonBejeweled Flash Gordon jumpsuit plus half-length flak jacket? Genius.

Of course, the Mad Max/Repo Man trash aesthetic allows debasement without the necessity for debauchery (which may be why “Till the World Ends” co-writer Ke$ha loves it so much). And at first the video hints at a love story amid the chaos, even switching briefly to a POV shot from Britney’s perspective:



So is it romance? Well, not exactly:

Let’s be honest: it’s still a Britney dance video. So we’re not looking for monogamy – ??we’re looking for vaudeville camera-wink flirting:

“Look at this guy! What is going on in my video?”

Not to mention terrible visual puns:


Get it? “I’ve never felt like this before on floor 4B?

All of which is to say it’s great fun!

Britney 2013Welcome to 2013, Britney! It’s morning in America!

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