Jane’s Addiction Go Inside “The Lies” (Get It?)


Fresh from a few live dates in South America (including a co-headlining slot at Lollapalooza Chile, natch) Jane’s Addiction released Inside the Lies, a behind-the-scenes short film with footage of the recording sessions for “End to the Lies,” the new song (they’re very careful not to call it a single) from the forthcoming album The Great Escape Artist.

The double-exposure of band members and studio equipment and occasional mechanical sound effects, combined with the repetition of guitarist Dave Navarro‘s simple but effective riff, suggest the spacey sounds of “Mountain Song” or some of Perry Farrell‘s solo material. One highlight: the bassist for the session, Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, plotting the song’s dynamic range with Navarro, for maximum effect. (The undisputed lowlight is a lyrical not-quite-pun on genitalia that Farrell was apparently fond enough of to keep in the final song.)

One aspect of the recording process not represented in the video is the contributions of The Master Musicians of Joujouka. The band calls the song a “collaboration” with the Moroccan Sufi trance players, though their description of the process sounds more like sampling or field-recording.

The band premiered an unmastered version of “End to the Lies” on March 30 on Chile’s Radio Futuro, and are now offering the finished track as a download on the band’s website.

The band also played the song during their Lollapalooza Chile set, as captured below. Much credit to Chris Chaney, the band’s bassist for 2003’s Strays, who returned for the South American tour and picked up the new songs with no trouble:

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