First Look: You Oughta Know Live: Lissie


VH1’s NYC offices welcomed singer/guitarist Lissie and her band earlier this afternoon. Lissie is an upcoming You Oughta Know artist, so we were happy to host her amid what’s apparently been a busy schedule for the band. They left our offices already packed for their Australian tour that starts Wednesday, debating whether Lissie would have time to go home to Ojai during their extended layover in Los Angeles tomorrow (they decided no) but thankful that they at least had time for a trip to In ‘N’ Out.

While the band was here, they performed an exclusive four-song live set for You Oughta Know Live, which will be available on shortly. Until then, here’s the inside scoop!

Lissie got her start as a singer-songwriter, so the band she recruited makes sense: Lewis Keller on bass and drums and Eric Sullivan on “lead” guitar. Before you ask: “bass and drums” means that Keller plays bass seated in front of a hi-hat, a bass drum, and a snare on its side with a kick-pedal, so between his hands and his feet, he is the rhythm section. And Sullivan may play the solos and occasionally arpeggiate, but everything is built up around Lissie’s guitar chords and vocal melody.

Lissie has gotten quite a bit of radio play in Europe, but until recently, she was mostly known in the United States for the songs she’s licensed to television shows and films. “When I’m Alone,” with which she opened today’s set, won 2010 Song of the Year on iTunes UK, but “Little Lovin’,” which she played last, is better-known here?from ads for the new season of Justified.

Of late Lissie has gained a whole slew of American fans for a number of cover songs, including Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance,” Metallica‘s “Nothing Else Matters,” and Kid Cudi‘s “Pursuit of Happiness.” She played one such cover as part of her set today. To find out which one, check back for the whole set, which will go live on our site soon!

Setlist: ?When I’m Alone? / [cover] / ?In Sleep? / ?Little Lovin’?

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