Lady Gaga Explores The Joy Of Sax On Her New Single, “Edge of Glory”


A mere weekend after the video premiere of “Judas,” Lady Gaga has released “Edge of Glory,” the third-and-counting track from the forthcoming Born This Way, to radio stations nationwide. It doesn’t have a provocative “hook” to it, as the righteous “Born This Way” and the religious “Judas” did (which may explain why the song went straight to radio), but that doesn’t matter because its musical hook steamrolls the other two songs with ease.

The song is a hard-rock disco-house monster, fuller and more Euro than anything else out there right now. Even Ti?sto has brief lulls in his songs to exploit a dynamic range; “Edge of Glory” vacillates between “big” and “bigger.” Gaga told Google that the song, inspired by her grandfather’s passing, is about the moment before death, but all we hear in the lyrics is “Take Me Home Tonight” taken to the event horizon. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

One big surprise is the saxophone solo, courtesy of Clarence Clemons, best known for being an integral part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, whom Gaga requested by name. Clemons delivers no more and no less than the evocative and powerful solo one would expect. Ironically, his contribution is more of a signature than Gaga’s vocals; this song could be a hit for anyone, and Gaga sounds more anonymous than she usually feels comfortable being. But make no mistake, this is her song, and you will probably be hearing a lot of it.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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