Jason Derulo Re-Starts the Warehouse Party in “Don’t Wanna Go Home”


Jason Derulo‘s new video is here! As it happens, we completely misinterpreted the sneak peek?Derulo isn’t the only one who still wants to party, but merely the first to rise. In time the rest of the napping partiers awaken and join the reinvigorated revelry.

“Don’t Want to Go Home” wisely embraces the urban dystopia chic championed of late by Lady Gaga and especially Ke$ha. We’re back to an era of club videos set outside the club (in this case, in a warehouse), which means that though the clip cycles through a number of club-video clich?s, the setting keeps them from feeling stale. Arguably, what the video gains in freshness, it loses in logic (why does the sprinkler system still work in this abandoned warehouse, and what even set it off?) but in these sorts of sequences, logic is for the birds, and for critics who didn’t give Step Up 3 great reviews.

The video will make its television debut on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown Saturday at 9 a.m. ET/PT, which seems perfect for a video (and song) about dancing all night, passing out, then waking up to dance some more.

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