We Just Found Out Who Is Going To Win American Idol Tonight (SPOILERS INCLUDED!)


The Drudge Report has revealed the winner of tonight’s American Idol. So, if you don’t want tonight’s results spoiled, then you can and should continue along. For the rest of you, here’s our requisite SPOILER ALERT warning. To find out whether Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina won, follow along:

The “un-cool, un-hip, country-fried” Scotty McCreery has won the show’s tenth season, according to an unnamed source: “Scotty took nearly double [the] amount of votes over [the] runner up.” (Apparently the source didn’t tell him that the other contestant’s name is Lauren Alaina.)

The finale, airing tonight on FOX, promises plenty of excitement even if the outcome is spoiled. A production source told the Hollywood Reporter that the two finalists will perform a medley alongside Lady Gaga, Beyonc?, past Idol winner Carrie Underwood, and Idol judge Steven Tyler. The finale will also include a musical number from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark featuring members of the Broadway show’s cast, not to mentionthe show’s songwriter Bono and his U2 bandmate The Edge.

Facing flagging ratings, the show had hoped to find a more contemporary artist for this season. As Richard Rushfield explains in the New York Post, “In the previous three years, the winners’ trophies have gone to a Cute White Boy Dynasty whose low-key rock styles have been far removed from the techno-fueled sounds which dominate today’s pop charts and radio airplay.” But some (not least Rushfield) claim that although ratings have improved, the show’s departure from contemporary pop has only increased, Lady Gaga appearances aside.

For more Scotty McCreery, check out Best Week Ever‘s gif wall of his 23 most, erm, expressive performance faces.

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