Bob Lefsetz Takes More Hilarious Jabs at Lily Allen


Bob Lefsetz may not have good music industry sense, but he sure has a good memory for personal feuds. The self-styled “First in Music Analysis” (who last week wrote that Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin didn’t have any online word of mouth) took a shot at Lily Allen in September 2009 after she decried filesharing on her myspace blog. Believing Allen’s complaints to actually be about Allen’s own relative lack of success in the United States, Lefsetz proceeded to criticize both her artistry and what he believed was an expectation of success due to birthright.

Last night Lefsetz rekindled the feud when Allen tweeted, “Everyone watch Case Histories on BBC1, my mummy produced it.” He fired back:

He added, “That’s exacly [sic] why I won’t watch it. Don’t you know people hate nepotism? And self-promotion too!”

Allen, it seems, responded with a now-deleted retort about Lefsetz’s need to seek psychiatric care, as he replied, “Ha! I’ve got a shrink, but thanks! Love ya. It’s hard being in the public eye. We’ve gotta be honest!” Allen also sarcastically called Lefsetz’s observation about her parents “profund.” [sic]

Allen, whose parents are actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, does come from a talented family, but so do many other artists whom Lefsetz doesn’t see fit to target?besides which, nepotism manifests itself most often financially, and Lefsetz has less of a clue about financial patronage than probably even Allen. For example, he purports to understand the industry in an increasingly technological age, but praises Daniel Glass, CEO of Glassnote Records to high heaven. And let’s be clear here: we love a number of Glassnote artists, but Glass is an industry vet who has achieved (deserved) success largely through the same methods music execs always have.

Frankly, we don’t really want to hear industry tips from Allen or Lefsetz, but they can fight all they want, and we’ll watch. Lefsetz described Allen in his September 2009 letter as “an entertaining Tweeter,” and we’d say the same for him.

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