Ke$ha Would Rather Hear “Till The World Ends” Than Anything She Sings, But Has No Misgivings About Selling It


Vulture caught up with Ke$ha at amfAR’s NY Inspiration Event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City last night to ask about “Till the World Ends.” Specifically: “Why would she turn over such an obvious smash to Britney Spears, when she could have kept it for herself?” Her answer:

“That song,” Ke$ha explained, “I?ve never been more proud of anything in my career… It really solidifies me as a songwriter in the pop music world, which is what I consider myself first and foremost. So it actually is really, really exciting for me when I hear [Britney] sing it. Like, when I hear my own songs on the radio I have to kind of turn it down or change the radio or whatever. When I hear that, I f****** blow the speakers out and I order everybody to dance.”

Vulture attempts to snarkily sum this answer up: “Ke$ha gave away ‘Till the World Ends,’ and not ‘Sleazy’ because, just like you, she doesn’t want to have to listen to the latter on the radio.” Cute, but way off the mark! In the first place, Ke$ha didn’t give away “Till the World Ends.” Did Vulture forget that she spells her name with a $?

Economics aside, there are thematic unities to Ke$ha’s work (particularly on Cannibal) that, to the extent they exist in “Till the World Ends,” are distinctly smoothed-over. Whether or not Vulture takes Ke$ha’s artistic endeavor seriously, it’s clear Ke$ha does, and this might be a concern of hers. Also? Many people just don’t like to hear recordings of their own voice. All of this, furthermore, presupposes that we ought to take Ke$ha at her word, which might not be the right approach, both because of her tendency towards glibness and because of the insulting implication of the question, that is, “Didn’t you make a big mistake by selling this song?” Not a good look from the usually right-on-the-mark Vulture, we must say.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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