Last Lap: Tuesday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


Happy Hour With David Cook
Our web neighbors at Best Week Ever have quite the treat for American Idol fans: a two-part fig vodka-fueled David Cook interview conducted by the inimitable Michelle Collins. Part I is above; click through for Part II.

Sabermetrics For Music
Chuck Klosterman attempts, at Grantland, to quantify each musician’s contribution to a band. Sabermetrics for music, in other words, which makes sense, since Grantland is Bill Simmons‘s baby. Such quantification has been attempted before, in John Sellers‘s Pretty From Now On, and we recall that formula working a little better, but as a blog post to get mad about, Klosterman’s piece works like gangbusters.

Weekend At Bernie’s, Meet Weekend At Burnie’s
Fans of both New Orleans rappers and late-1980s R-rated comedies were delighted this afternoon when Curren$y’s new album Weekend at Burnie’s (which drops a week from today) premiered as an infinitely looping stream, synced to the 1989 film for which it’s named, Weekend at Bernie’s. Between this tribute and the Best Viral Dance nomination “Movin’ Like Berney” [sic] garnered at the OMAs earlier this year, Terry Kiser is really having his moment in rap. (Fingers crossed for a Side Out-themed mixtape from Kurupt or somebody.)

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